Fishing Rods Conquest G-LOOMIS

In the world of fishing there are different types of rods to go and do this activity, among all the brands of important fishing rods can be highlighted several. 

But there is a specific one that will make your fishing activities totally satisfactory and that fishing rod is the famous Conquest G-LOOMIS brand. This can make you live and feel pleasant moments and we will show you why it is so pay attention reader!

Characteristics of a good fishing rod 

The characteristics of a rod should always be the most important, to know if a rod is right for your purchase, must have the following qualities:

Resistance of the cane by its weight, length and flexibility

It must have a complete resistance, gives for a good material, so that this can not be broken so easily and if fishing from the boat is your hobby consult the best cane for boat.

In addition, you need to specify which rod you want to buy, because there are some that are for big, strong fish; and there are others that are for smaller, weaker fish. 

Advantages of using a fishing rod

The advantage of fishing rods is that they facilitate this activity, making you learn to have delicacy and precision in throwing the rope into the water. 

Besides, you get more ability to control stress and have more patience, why? The answer is that when the person is fishing, it can be annoying to wait for the fish to bite the hook of the rod. So patience is something you will develop. 

Top Fishing Rods G-LOOMIS

There is a great variety of fishing rods that are of excellent quality and very easy to acquire in the market, among these are:

Rod G-LOOMIS Conquest mag 844C MBR (1/4-1 OZ/2.13 m)

Has a discounted price of: 682.97€ (the undiscounted price is 813.06€). It is a high quality product because it has a special G-LOOMIS Conquest Mag 884C MBR casting rod. It has other features that can be reviewed here on the website of the virtual store.

Rod G-LOOMIS NRX 893C JWR Jig (1/4-1 OZ/2.26 M)

This product has a discounted price of: 673,82€ (has an undiscounted price of: 802,17€) and these rods are designed for fishing templates and soft plastics, they are also very light, sensitive and very strong. 

In addition, they have handles of cork of divided grip, apart it includes light and strong guides. For more information regarding this product, you can visit our website here.

Rod G-LOOMIS NRX Jig Worm (BLUE/ 2.03 M (3.5-7 GR)

This rod has a discounted price of: 610.81€ (its price without discount is: 727.15€) and are characterized by being really very light, also sensitive and very resistant.

It has a cork grip handle with Fuji Sic titanium stripper guides, very good quality that will allow you to handle various sizes of fish. If you want to know more, click here.

Where to buy it?

You can buy this product in the Barcos-online nautical shop, where you can get other types of fishing rods of very good quality and at the best price. In addition, you can follow our virtual store also by their social networks, where you can contact us and ask for shipments of products, which are: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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