This summer Ibiza on a boat

Going to Ibiza and not having a walk by the sea, it’s like you haven’t stepped on Ibiza. So every traveler should for the best make a short trip of a few minutes along the blue coasts of the island, which have been considered by many travelers as one of the most beautiful in Spain. 

To walk by the sea, you can go in a boat shared with other travelers, or you can rent a boat in Ibiza. This last option is very common for those who want an intimate trip, alone with family, with a partner or with very close friends; without the intervention of strangers.

For the luck of those who like privacy, there are many options to rent boats, and one of the most popular, is

The most outstanding company is one of the most outstanding companies within the island, as it has managed to maintain exclusivity and quality as a rule when providing commercial services. This company has a great variety of boats, all with the capacity to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers.

The company has boats of various sizes, which can reach distances in a short time. The good thing about these boats, is that they can guarantee a fast and adventurous tour, or a more peaceful one, where you seek to discover the natural beauty hidden in the scenery of the sea.

Sunseeker Apache 45

Boat capacity

The boats come with a capacity of no more than 12 people, as they are only looking for short rides with few people, although this does not mean that there are boats that can have small cabins for passengers to sleep in the middle of the water.

Each boat is different, with a very modern and personalized design, designed to suit the personal style of each client of the company.

Rent a boat

Spending your holidays at sea is one of the best adventures for everyone. If in your plans you find this option, it is necessary that you visit the web of since they are specialists in the rent of boats in Europe.

They have about 20,000 boats in different parts of the world, also have the best prices. They have more than 15 years in the nautical sector and are always looking to offer the best services to their public. You only have to enter their website and make several very simple steps that will help you get the boat you want, not to mention that they are only very simple steps, and any questions you have will be answered by professionals.

The first thing you have to do is choose the boat and the dates of navigation. If you don’t know how to sail a boat you can request a captain. You can do this directly on the page.

In addition, you can find the boat that is perfect for you. In you can find sailing yachts from 10′ to 100′. In order to see the wide range of boats offered by this company you must register, but it is a simple and free process.

In this way you can have access to a large number of boats of all kinds in more than 45 countries, not counting this process will only take a minute. In addition the procedure of the rent is simple and they do not demand to be experts for the navigation, since they count on the best captains.

You only have to choose the people who join your crew, choose the dates and the boat that best suits your vacation. Then you only have to enjoy that time sailing through various islands and getting to know beautiful places with your friends, without worrying about the route or inconvenience, because with everything is thought for the enjoyment.

Ibiza Boat Rental

Enjoy a vacation has never been so fun with Apparent Wind, this company offers a specialized rental service for boats, boats, sailboats, yachts, among others. But if you don’t know how to handle this type of maritime transport, you don’t have to worry!

yacht for rent offers you the possibility of renting a boat, which fits your established budget, companions and needs, under the method “with skipper”. This means that you will travel under the supervision of an expert, who will be responsible for taking you, your family and/or friends to the destination you have chosen.
Don’t travel alone
The expert, fully qualified and certified by, will travel with you to offer a quiet and pleasant journey. This person will be one of the group, so you must provide food and beverages during the trip.
As is concerned about the safety of its customers, has a wide catalog of boats from which you can choose the best suited to the type of trip you want to make. You will be able to select from 8 metre sailboats to luxury yachts, all depending on your budget.
Insurance for your trip
In addition, the company offers a range of travel insurance, useful if you want to travel with your family or with a group of people. When you purchase this service, the amount of the rent will increase but, without a doubt, the investment will be worth it, since you will be able to travel more peacefully, counting on having an insurance that prevents some type of accident.
What are you waiting for? will offer you the holidays you’ve dreamed of for so long. It’s time for you to enjoy a good trip. Communicate via email to [email protected], or by calling (+34) 629802940, so that you can make your rental now and put a date on your trip.

Sailing Yacht A, biggest sailing yacht ever

The Sailing Yacht A, the world’s largest private sailing yacht, left the German Nobiskrug shipyard last week for Spain, from where it will perform its latest sea trials in the Mediterranean after being handed over to its owner, Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, owner of Motor Yacht A.

The S / Y A hull is made of steel, and its superstructure in high technology composite materials capable of being shaped in any size and shape, a technology that Nobiskrug has been developing over the past 15 years. Its design was commissioned to the French designer Philippe Starck in collaboration with the Dutch Dykstra Naval Architects. Starck was also in charge of designing the M / Y A.

The three masts of the A, about 100 meters high, were manufactured by the British Magma Structures, and are some of the highest structures ever made of composite materials. The sails were commissioned by the American company Doyle Sails, and can be hoisted and lowered by an automated system. Two diesel engines of 3,600 kW move the vessel at a maximum speed of 21 knots, and the motor’s autonomy reaches 5,320 nautical miles at 16 knots of speed, almost enough to sail from Lisbon to New York and back.

Of 143 meters in length, the A has 4.5 times more interior volume than Project Solar, the second sailing yacht in size, and has 25% less interior volume than the Dilbar, the world’s largest yacht in terms Of gross tonnage. The interior of the ship is divided into eight decks, with capacity for 20 guests attended by a crew of 54 people. Among the features that make A unique are an underwater observation gallery, an electric diesel hybrid propulsion system and a high-tech navigation system.

You can follow the A route on the Marine Traffic website