This summer Ibiza on a boat

Going to Ibiza and not having a walk by the sea, it’s like you haven’t stepped on Ibiza. So every traveler should for the best make a short trip of a few minutes along the blue coasts of the island, which have been considered by many travelers as one of the most beautiful in Spain. 

To walk by the sea, you can go in a boat shared with other travelers, or you can rent a boat in Ibiza. This last option is very common for those who want an intimate trip, alone with family, with a partner or with very close friends; without the intervention of strangers.

For the luck of those who like privacy, there are many options to rent boats, and one of the most popular, is

The most outstanding company is one of the most outstanding companies within the island, as it has managed to maintain exclusivity and quality as a rule when providing commercial services. This company has a great variety of boats, all with the capacity to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers.

The company has boats of various sizes, which can reach distances in a short time. The good thing about these boats, is that they can guarantee a fast and adventurous tour, or a more peaceful one, where you seek to discover the natural beauty hidden in the scenery of the sea.

Sunseeker Apache 45

Boat capacity

The boats come with a capacity of no more than 12 people, as they are only looking for short rides with few people, although this does not mean that there are boats that can have small cabins for passengers to sleep in the middle of the water.

Each boat is different, with a very modern and personalized design, designed to suit the personal style of each client of the company.

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